About Us

Welcome! to “Happiness Envisioned”
where every day brings new memories!

I have had the honor of being an ordained minister for about 10 months and each day brings me fond memories. I have been in the hospitality business since 2003 and know what brides go through when planning their big day. I have seen brides come to our banquet facility and meet with our wedding planners and are frustrated because they have no one to perform their ceremony. When I have asked them why they look disillusioned and frustrated, they all have the same answer, “We do not want to have to join a church just to get married. We want to make our religious decisions as a couple and not be made to decide before our wedding.” This can be very frustrating for young couples. The same applies to families with new infants. They want to raise their children in the religion of their choosing. My philosophy is that every child deserves to be baptized and every grieving family deserves to mourn the passing of loved ones how they choose. This is where Happiness Envisioned can help. I have my own faith but I know that other people do not and I give them a way to have the type of ceremony they choose with no pressure.

Happiness Envisioned believes that every bride, every committed couple, every grief stricken family and every family with a new infant can relax and have the ceremony they have dreamed about.

I have performed weddings, baptisms and funerals each one is just as special as the first. To see the smile on the face of the bride and groom, see the tears of relief in a grieving family and the joyous laughter of a child makes what I do so fulfilling.

Please contact me so that I can help make your day special and filled with memories.